• One year of service
  • Logo design of your company or brand
  • 1 main page and multiple annex pages ideal for electronic commerce
  • Custom web domain
  • Optimization of web search engines
  • Advice on content improvements and visit statistics once a day
  • Hosting with fast, reliable and safe loading
  • Ssl encryption certificate
  • Dynamic language translator
  • Construction of the live page

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With the Advanced package we provide you with a personalized page ideal for you made by experts and based on your needs


Ideal package for e-commerce and vendors with inventory

active web 24/7 since we work with the best lodgings in the market

1. 1 Logo or design of your brand

2. 1. Custom domain

3. 1 Main page, (know us, frequently asked questions and contact us)

4.  Multiple annex pages ideal for electronic commerce

5. Daily support and analysis of your page (amount of traffic and most visited page)

6. Real-time translation in multiple languages

7. Indexing of each of your products in web search engines

8. Web construction visualization in real time

When making the purchase you will be provided with a question form related to your brand or company which you will have to fill out in its entirety unless otherwise indicated in order to provide a better service and better adapt to your need

The specialists will provide you with important information at all times about the process of construction and analysis of your projects

Upon completion of your payment, the term begins to count after 5 business days, which is what it takes to build and index your page in search engines.

All our plans are 1 year to expire the term will have to cancel the designated amount of your plan again, if you want to continue with our services, you will be sent a corresponding email notifying you 1 month before your expiration date past the month of your date expiration will be granted 30 days to finalize your payment being a total of 13 months your maximum service cutoff date

Once the page reaches the desired expectations only minor adjustments can be made

Once the page is finished and approved in its entirety, you can make small changes to media 3 times then additional changes entail an additional charge.

By hiring our service you agree that you have read the terms of use and privacy

terms use and privacy polity


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