Advertising and momentum

Advertising and momentum


  • Incredible results more than 1500 people reached daily in facebook
  • Advertising on social networks with personalized content and quality content
  • Traffic generation to your guaranteed website
  • Quota cheaper than our competition
  • Management of statistics of visits generated through our platform
  • We segment only the public by country and your ads will be printed as many times as necessary to have a greater reach without general additional costs

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By hiring this service you guarantee that you will gain traffic to your website and potentially convert them into potential customers

It is not necessary that you have marketing knowledge since we do everything for you, we segment your audience and adapt your ads to your needs, you will only have to fill out a form to communicate if you want to do any product promotion, brand or simply win readers

Our ad plan is a single monthly payment, our unique plan provides everything you need to make you see and stand out on social networks.

Our social media advertising plan is 30 days the first month of hiring, it takes us to upload your data and create the ads 3 days, which will be cut off on the 33rd day of hiring the service.

To contract the service I accept that I have read the terms and conditions of use

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